Why Goat Milk is a Better Choice than Plant-Based “Milks”

It’s true that there are several big reasons to choose goat milk, even if you do not suffer from cow milk-induced allergic reactions or lactose intolerance. For one, goat’s milk contains a denser concentration of vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy choice!

But what if you do suffer from lactose intolerance and must find a suitable milk replacement? In an earlier post here on the blog, we compared different animal-provided dairy milk to examine how goat milk is the best option for those with lactose digestion difficulties. (Important note: you should always consult with your physician before exploring new milk alternatives—goat milk and others are not right for every individual with lactose intolerance.)

Confusingly, however, there are also many lactose-friendly fluid beverage options on the market today calling themselves “milk,” but they do not come from animals. These drinks are instead blended from various plants and nuts, like soy, rice, and almonds. And this means their nutritional profiles can be very different from that of a true milk product, especially if they are not separately fortified.

Today, we are delving into how some of these other most popular and commercially available brands of lactose-friendly or lactose-free beverage options stack up to goat milk, and why you should carefully consider using any given product as a full replacement for cow’s milk to assure you’re receiving the nutrition you expect.

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