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Goat milk FAQ

What do the goats eat?
Our goat's diet consists of pasture plants like grass, clover, lucerne, plus hay and silage in the winter when the fresh grass growth isn't so good. All of this is grown and cut on farm and brought to them. Occasionally if the goats need to put on weight, they are given supplementary feeds like grain, but it is only occasionally and for a specific purpose.
Is your product pasteurized?
Yes it is pasteurized in New Zealand as part of the drying process. This is legally required for export and also for public consumption in the United States.
Is our goat milk powder homogenized?
No, goat's milk is naturally more homogenous than cow's milk as it has a higher percentage of smaller fat globules, so it does not need to be homogenized.
From what age can people drink or eat goat milk powder?
We recommend that people can consume our product from the age of 1 year old, and can continue to consume it until they are over 100 years if they like!! Our product is not infant formula so should not be substituted for that or for breast milk to feed infants.
What age can children drink GGMC products?
We recommend ages 1 year +
Can I use this product if I am lactose intolerant?
Lactose intolerance and milk allergies are not necessarily the same thing, and different people will react differently. If you are truly lactose intolerant you should not consume any kind of milk that contains lactose. If you are not lactose intolerant but do have an allergy to milk, then you might see some benefit from consuming goat milk rather than traditional cows milk. Our recommendation is always to ask your doctor before consuming any product that you think you may be allergic to. You can see more information about milk allergies in ourblog.
What does goat milk taste like?
In short, it doesn’t taste too much different to cows milk, but if you have tried goat cheese you will know that goat cheese has a very specific “tang” about it. Our goat milk has a subtle tang just like the cheese does, but it is much less pronounced than in the cheese. It doesn’t taste barney or gamey or dirty or some of the other things that people might think of when they think about goats. It’s actually a very clean and fresh tasting product!
Can I substitute goat milk for cows milk in baking and other applications?
Yes you can, just mix up the amount that you need with water and bake away!
Do we test for heavy metals?
New Zealand's raw milk supply is monitored through the National Chemical Contaminants Programme (NCCP), operated by New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The program has been effective in confirming that dairy products are free of chemical residues at levels that could pose a threat to human health or to international trade. NCCP testing has shown that raw milk is very low in heavy metal contaminants and provides assurance that the entire NZ Dairy Industry is free of harmful levels of heavy metals. Good Goat Milk Company products are periodically tested by IANZ accredited external laboratories for heavy metals and other elements of interest. Our products have shown to be very low in these contaminants. Good Goat Milk Company confirms that no heavy metals are added to products and any levels detected are naturally occurring in milk. Link to general information about the program: animal-products-act/national-chemical-contaminants-programme/ Link to the elements tested under the NCCP and the limits allowable: limits-for-metals Alongside the heavy metal monitoring completed via NCCP on New Zealand dairy ingredients, all finished products are periodically tested for heavy metals.
Is GGMC organic?
Our farming methods are traditional but we are not strictly organic hence don’t claim as such. We do test our products for glyphosate residue, which is one the most abundantly used herbicides in farming, and one of the main concerns that people have with “non-organic” products. Our membership of The Detox Project requires a “non detect” for any Glyphosate residue in our products and we have consistently met that standard since we signed up a few years back.

Other FAQ

How many gallons does a tub of powder make?
It depends on how thick you like it, but using 1 average sized cup of water (8oz) to 1 scoop powder = 14 cups per container, which equates to 112 oz, and 0.875 gallons.
How quickly do I need to consume my goat milk powder once opening?
We recommend using our goat milk powder within 1 month of opening the tub. Once our goat milk powder is reconstituted in water we recommend consumption within 48 hrs if it is kept in the fridge.
Do you make bigger size cans?
At this stage no but it is something that we are looking into for future. We will keep you posted!
Your website says my flavor is out-of-stock. When will it be back?
We recommend signing up to our mailing list or following our Instagram to stay up to speed with the latest updates.
What type of goats do we have?
The primary goat breed we have are Saanen we also have Toggenburg and British Alpine.

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