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"Love this goat milk powder. It dissolves so good even in cold water. Definitely best quality."

Darcia - Good Goat Milk Co Amazon Review

"I don’t know if I’ve ever had goat milk and if I have it’s been a long time ago. I used a scoop of this in my unsweetened coffee where I typically use heavy cream and sometimes 1 packet of raw sugar. I personally thought it tasted phenomenal. I thought I’d keep this for when I didn’t have actual cream in the fridge but now I think I’ll be using it instead of cream. It also dissolved well which I’m finding is something you shouldn’t take for granted."

Kimberly - Good Goat Milk Co Amazon Review

"To me, this is the best tasting Goat milk. Mixes easily and quickly. After years of avoiding cow's milk, I am so happy to find a great tasting, digestible Goat Milk. Great in recipes, too."

JEC1 - Good Goat Milk Co Amazon Review

"This milk is so creamy and delicious I used it to make Matcha Latte in the morning and Rose tea latte at night."

Jeannette - Good Goat Milk Co Amazon Review

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